Happy Trails
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  The Longhorn Legacy continues at Happy Trails
Jack "Appy" Switzers: an Oklahoma native, Switzer had been a hobby rancher in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys since he arrived to California. Switzer leased the land for his tiny ranch on Kagel Canyon Street in Lake View Terrace for over 20 years, for $75 a month. In 2002, the land was sold to land developers and the herd of eight of Longhorn cattle would need to relocate.

Farmer Paul Hall: The owner of Sunrise on Sombra Hill Ranch in, Shadow Hills, California, was more than happy to give "Appy Jack's" cattle a new home on his 16 acre ranch in the San Fenando Valley. The Longhorns were raised and studied by students on field trips visiting the ranch and by 4-H members for their projects. Again, it was time for the Longhorns to to find a new home.

Cathy Horvath: The Longhorns have now be been part of the Tehachapi landscape since, 2005. When you drive by the Happy Trails Family Farm you might just see the Longhorns, grazing with a variety of other farm animals such as horses, Holstein cows, sheep, and goats.